Do jewellers buy gold uk?

Local jewelers A local jeweler will examine the piece in its entirety instead of judging it primarily by its value in gold. While postal sites only want gold to melt, jewelers want to buy to resell it, so they judge the condition and quality of the other parts that make up the item. When valuing items such as a gold watch or unsealed jewelry, many gold buyers scratch the object or apply an acid test that can create a permanent mark. Whether you want to sell your Indian gold in Leeds, sell your Asian jewelry in Birmingham, sell Indian bridal jewelry in Bradford or sell 22-carat gold in Manchester, you can trust that Hatton Garden Metals will offer you the best price for all types of Indian, Pakistani and Asian gold.

Gold Reserves has built its reputation based on word-of-mouth recommendations and consistently offering the best prices. Customers are excited to enjoy the best cash in exchange for gold prices when they sell us gold, jewelry and diamonds. Other gold buyers may not be sure of the carat of your jewelry and you may not get the best price.