How much is gold jewelry worth uk?

Separate your gold according to its purity and accurately weigh it (in grams) on a digital jewelry scale. Use our valuation calculator to find out the Gold Price Today. If right now money is more important to you than your jewelry, or if your jewelry is outdated, out of fashion and is in the jewelry box, you can sell scrap gold at the London Gold Centre. By using the carats and grams of gold provided, as well as the current live price of gold, the gold calculator multiplies the price of gold in carats by the weight provided. To get the best price for your gold scrap, call us for an accurate estimate of the price of your gold scrap.

Gold postal companies and major gold buyers are in business to make a profit, that's fair enough. You can keep up to date with current market prices in real time for 9-carat gold, 14-karat gold, 18-carat gold, 21-karat gold, 22-carat gold and 24-karat gold, along with live rates for silver, platinum and palladium. Once you enter the weight and the corresponding value in carats, you will get the scrap price of gold in the market based on the current price of the scrap metal. An expert from the London Gold Centre will quickly check and evaluate your gold products and provide you with a quote.

London Gold Centre is your trusted partner and advisor for the sale or purchase of items made of gold and other precious metals. Obviously, you're more likely to get a better deal for your gold online than at a store on the main street, since online companies don't incur large overhead costs and, in turn, can offer better prices for scrap gold. We always recommend that you NEVER send your gold to a “money for gold” company if they don't tell you, in advance, how much they pay (per gram) for gold.